The Woman in Room Nine

The Woman in Room 9

In November 2009, as Berlin celebrates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, an elderly woman is brought to a downtown hospital, incoherent and barely conscious. When she hears the room she’s been assigned, she rears up in a heated panic, her mind obviously somewhere else.

Room 9.

The brothel cell at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where Lena is forced to give herself nightly to prisoners as a reward for their good behavior. Arrested for distributing anti-Nazi propaganda, she thinks this sentence may be a way to find Dierk, her lover who was imprisoned here two years ago. But it quickly becomes clear she may lose herself in the process.

Especially when she attracts the attention of a ruthless SS guard.

2 thoughts on “The Woman in Room Nine

    1. Oh no! I should have clarified this. I’ve finished, but it’s not published yet. Hopefully soon!

      (check your messages on CC. I just sent you the details)


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